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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

A Hoppin' Good Time: Easter Weekend 2020

We've confirmed 3 stages. Booked 2 of those 3 stages full.
Finalized arrangements for Fire Flow arts from the Lost boiz, glass blowers, and craft vendors.

Man oh man.. We're easing closer too Spring time! Which means its time to start getting hoppy for our season opener of 2020. 

Checkout the event page on our Facebook, www.facebook.com/events/2216192888484747/

(listed below is only the mainstage lineup, expect too see a full lineup release soon!)

The following artists have music available to listen too online;
Load In - soundcloud.com/LoadInSound

Dr. AcidM47h - soundcloud.com/AcidMa4h
Lane Buck - soundcloud.com/LaneBuck
Kilbourne - soundcloud.com/JKilbourne
D-MoA - mixcloud.com/DMoA
K1LowaTT - soundcloud.com/K1LowaTT
Nokturnal Funk - soundcloud.com/NokturnalFunk
Matter IS - soundcloud.com/MatterIsOfficial
FuzZah - soundcloud.com/King-Fuzzah
Officework - soundcloud.com/Dj_Officework

In collaborations with: Seascape Sound and Light, Sitka Sound, Elate Nights

Way Too Loud Crew, and The Lost Boiz Promotions.

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